5 Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

It’s no secret: I love pink.

My relationship with pink started out as a love/hate, since I thought it would make people take me less seriously. But now, that’s exactly why I wear pink so often. Not only am I presenting professionally, but I’m doing it in a pink dress too.

And then, there’s my second love: Valentine’s Day.

I think it’s easy to fall into some traps here. Of course this commercialized day of love wants to encourage heteronormativity and all that jazz, but I say, embrace it as an opportunity in pink to tell your friends and loved ones how much you love them.

Making and giving Valentine’s is one of the most fun activities during the year. If the last Valentine you made was in elementary school, get out some construction paper and start cutting hearts TODAY!

Written notes of love and encouragement for your friends, family, and especially, the staff in your life who make things easier and your day brighter is as easy as it is rewarding. If you’ve been meaning to say thank you a little more than just a text message or if you really want to tell someone they’re appreciated, a note goes a long way

And of course, if a furry creature could go with your note, why not?

I love this sweet little guy mom found for me at Walmart!

This post wasn’t just meant to persuade you to share the love today, I’ve also put together some fun easy outfits you could wear while giving your handmade creations out.

Fitting to start with this all pink look but let me just say, do not be afraid of monochrome!!

Pink skirt? Pink stripes? And for me, matching earrings? If they’re similar in tone, it’s a look.

To really nail a monochromatic outfit without looking too much like a crayon, play with texture.

My (thrifted) linen J Crew striped shirt looks fresh with my (also, thrifted) J Crew denim skirt. Earrings or other jewelry pieces can add a pop of texture and sparkle.

Also, that cute felt envelope was a Target dollar bin find!

I’m here to set the record straight: pink and red can MATCH!

As proven here.

Mom and I were doing some post Christmas shopping at the outlets when I found this adorable Kate Spade red and pink Pom Pom set. And the best part, is together, they cost about $35 (70% off sales are what make my heart sing).

The set inspired me to pair my (thrifted) pink J Crew button up with my favorite bright red sweater.

I love how cheery the colors look together and perfect to wear today!

Red or magenta lip stick really completes the outfit.

Ok, how fun is this?

I found these leather pants for $20 at a thrift store in NYC with Sean’s family and I love wearing them. I found a similar style here!

Paired with stripes for pattern and a pop of red for color, I love this outfit so much.

I feel like it could also be dressed up with a black blazer for date night too.

This is another example of how earrings and a great shade of lipstick can really go a long way. I love my bauble earrings! Unfortunately the Charming Charlie’s I found them in has since closed but here’s a fun pair from Lulu’s to try! Plus any opportunity to take my Christmas present bag out is one I’ll jump to.

Never be afraid to go bold with color, especially in black leather pants.

A sorority sister of mine in DG, Leigh Plasil inspired me to wear this look.

There’s no match for comfort in well loved light wash jeans and a cosy sweater. But dress it up with some leopard print shoes and some gold jewelry and you’ve got yourself a classy casual fit.

I’ve practically worn those flats to the soul. They’re so comfortable and look cute with jeans! I bought these from J Crew a long time ago, but Lulu’s has a pair on sale now for $25 dollars!

Also, the Virginia State necklace is a Kate Spade item I found at T.J. Maxx! $15! With my pearl earrings, you can find me wearing it just about every other day.

It’s a well kept secret among William and Mary students that there’s a Marshall’s amidst all the construction down Richmond Rd.

But that my friends, is where a pot of gold lies at the end of a rainbow (of construction? Idk just trust me.)

This dress was marked down from $250 to $35 at Marshall’s!! I love the print and think it’s perfect for a dinner date or while seeing a play!

My now famous amongst my friends pink coat was another fun find with my grandmother over Christmas. From where? I’m sure you can guess by now: J Crew.

I love how the two go together in an almost springy combination.

Find the bold prints in your own closet and pair with a solid cardigan or coat to really stand out!

I hope I inspired you to revisit pink or inspire you to paint your nails the happy shade.

Share with my your Valentine’s Day creations, whether it’s a card or an outfit!



The Virginia Prepster


A Fresh Start

Hello again friends, it’s been a while.

Let me explain:

Sophomore year began with the whirlwind of being an Orientation Aid and then the grind never really stopped because of the great evil that is Organic Chemistry II (ugh). This meant that The Virginia Prepster started to become the last thing on my to do list.

But as soon as the semester ended, I began to notice that TVP was the one thing I missed doing the most.

I missed writing posts, coming up with shoot ideas with friends, and sharing my latest thrift store finds. Blogging was such a fun way for me to do my favorite things: write and be creative about fashion.

And most heartwarming of all, I was shocked by how many people told me they liked and missed my posts!

So, with the encouragement of my friends and all the pinks and reds of Valentine’s Day to inspire me, I decided that I would start blogging again!

Surprise! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Who knows how often I’ll post and what the content of them will be. All I know is, I really enjoy this platform to share some pieces of myself with you and I hope you won’t mind me doing so.

Thank you for supporting me up until this point and I can’t wait to share more content with you in the future!


Macy C

(The Virginia Prepster)

Retro Rewind with Mak’s Captured Moments

I love 60’s fashion.

From high necked shift dresses to bright colored prints and patterns, I have always looked to Twiggy, Jackie, and Brigitte as my muses.

Because of that influence, my most favorite things to find at thrift stores are vintage clothes from the 60’s and 70’s. And I know what you might be thinking: Oh, Macy is just another one of those moody nostalgic teens, griping about how she “should’ve been born in a different era.”

Not quite.

I mostly blame my grandparents.

Anne was a model and Gary LOVED to take pictures.

While they were alive, Gram would tell me about her favorite dresses she wore and Papa gave me his 1950’s Kodak Brownie Holiday camera.

I think of them when I find the most chic cowl necked dress or plaid pencil skirt on the rack.

So when Makayla from Mak’s Captured Moments reached out and told me I had won her summer shoot giveaway contest, I knew exactly what I was going to wear.

And thank goodness she was on board with my retro theme, because the images are amazing!

Please enjoy her work, I honestly can’t believe it’s me.

I found this beauty, sunglasses and all, at Held Over, a vintage thrift store on Haight Street in San Fransisco.

(I brought Papa’s camera for the shoot…how could I not?!)

I call this Pink Sail To Sable cowl necked dress ‘Barbie.’ I found it at Marshall’s for $32! It was a $250 dress! Seriously: MARSHALL’S!

I wish I could live in this dress. The tortoise buttons that go on the shapeless dress make it feminine and chic.

This groovy 70’s look is actually an art smock that I found at a Buffalo Exchange in Chicago and these brown corduroy pants were also thrifted at Goodwill.

Of course I had to bring my Beach Boy’s records to a shoot like this one. The one on top is one of my favorite record’s I’ve ever found: Endless Summer featuring the greatest hits of the band from ’62-’65. Aside from the glorious album art, the songs make me wanna dance and remind me of summers spent with my Dad listening to the Beach Boys in his old pick up truck.

Though the pictures are wonderful, my time Makayla was so much fun! It wasn’t a perfect shoot…I locked my keys in my trunk. And she just laughed, “don’t worry a bit! Something like this ALWAYS happens!”

Shooting with her was easy. I felt like I was just talking to a friend around the court house circle.

I can’t recommend her enough! Don’t forget to book a session with Mak’s Captured Moments!


Giveaway With Jordan Simpson MUA

“Let’s get cupcakes and talk.”

Those are my favorite words to hear from anyone, but my heart sings loudest when Jordan Simpson says it to me.

I know when she sends me a “Cupcakes?” text, good things are about to happen.

Past experience has proven this, since Jordan has been a trusted advisor and source of inspiration to me ever since I was little.

You see, Jordan was the always laughing and forever kind red head in youth group. I knew I could count on her for a relaxing girls night in or a wild funny story.

And now, she’s fresh out of CNU’s business and leadership program becoming a self made business woman.

(Oh how time flies.)

Jordan now owns and runs Jordan Simpson Makeup Artist, empowering women through her amazing beauty skills.

Though she’s just begun in the past few years, her work already speaks for itself.

Check out these lovely faces:

Can you say: GLOWING?

If you need your makeup done for a formal event, wedding, or just ’cause, please check out and book Jordan on her website:


I know she will go far, which is why I’m so excited to partner with her on the Virginia Prepster and share with you her summer giveaway!

Who doesn’t love bellápierre cosmetics? And I know I could go for that Alamar eyeshadow pallet!

You can enter to win this box by:

Following Jordan at @missjordansimpson on instagram and tagging 3 friends on her giveaway post!

For a bonus entry, tell us what makes you feel beautiful in another comment on her giveaway post!

Good luck!


Beauty Items I Love

I love trying new things when it comes to beauty products.

Experimenting and testing out new brands is how I discover what works for me and my skin.

Sometimes I hit the jackpot, and decide that I’ll basically be buying a product for the rest of my life.

And other times…not so much.

While I’m always looking for new lipstick colors and B.B. creams, I wanted to share some of my favorite things that I use about once a day with you all to spare you from some flops I’ve experienced.



It should be noted that naturally, I have very straight, thick blonde hair. I don’t color it or treat it. Instead, I spend a lot of time taking care of it!

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

This coconut oil spray was a $5 spontaneous buy in the T.J. Maxx checkout line but I’m SOO glad I grabbed a bottle.

After my first use I was hooked! Life and shine is back in my hair.

I spray it all over my hair after I’ve towel dried it, comb it through, and after it’s dried, my hair feels like silk. I think it’s comparable to the It’s A 10 leave in spray, but this bottle is way cheaper!

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

I’ve been using Psssst! since middle school! I got it at a 5 Below with a Big Bang Theory graphic tee shirt and nail polish in the 7th grade and never looked back. (On the dry shampoo…but on the other purchases…)

If you need volume, spraying a little bit of this dry shampoo at your roots will floof it right up. If you skipped a wash and need to de-oil your hair, a mist of this will do the trick.

The unscented is my favorite and the instant dryness doesn’t make me feel icky after I’ve sprayed.


I’ve talked about how much I love this copper Conair wide tooth comb in a previous post, but I can’t sing its praises enough.

I used to be a devoted WetBrush gal, but since Christmas I’ve been using this wide tooth comb and there’s a noticeable difference in my hair. I have less split ends and my hair much healthier. Plus it’s only $5.49 at Target!


Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

I actually bought this St. Ives Acne Scrub by accident. I really wanted the Neutrogena oil free wash but Walmart was all out. So I took a risk and figured, hey, it’s on sale, and my skin could probably use a change of product before it gets too used to the other one I was using.

I am so glad I got it because love this wash!

I actually have been using it on my chest and back rather than my face after I work out. It has cleared up my usual sports bra acne and the natural exfoliants in the wash has made my skin feel so smooth on my body. I will definitely getting another bottle and it’s only $2.79 at Walmart right now!

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

Though it was a bit of a splurge (on its website, it’s $32), unsurprisingly, Glamglow works magic. This insta mud cleansing wash has prevented breakouts since I started using it last winter. Seriously.

Aside from a hormonal period induced chin pimple, this has kept my face clean and glowing. In fact, this summer, I have hardly worn any foundation or concealer because of how this product has worked for me. (Plus, I want my skin to breathe in this heat)

One pump of the mud does the job, then once it gets wet, it changes into a smooth, fresh wash. I love how it feels and the wash has proven to be worth the investment!

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

I love going to the Nurtury on Gloucester’s Main Street, and whenever I go, I’m sure to pick up a new bottle of this Honeysuckle lotion when I go in.

Locally owned and homemade, this lotion softens my skin like no other. I get the big bottle for $12 and it lasts for months. Most importantly to me, it smells so wonderful. Instead of perfume-y it’s fresh and natural.

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

RoC makes great skin care products, so I was really excited when I found a bottle of this resurfacing cleanser at Marshall’s for $7.

I use it to wake me up and wash my face in the morning. I feel clean and my makeup doesn’t feel as grimey when I put it on.

Some face washes I’ve used feel like a chemical strip after I use them. My face feels raw and burns and I don’t like that. This makes my skin feel soft and fresh, I can’t recommend it enough!


Processed with VSCO with c6 presetProcessed with VSCO with c6 preset

I said in my first blog post that I would share my favorite Marshall’s findings with you always and THIS might be one of my best and greatest finds! TooFaced makes some of my favorite makeup products. Aside from being cruelty free, there beauty items always last hours, look fresh, and feel good on my skin. (The Coco Powder foundation is the BOMB)

I had been eyeing this Natural Eyes shadow kit for a long time, but $38 felt like too much of a splurge for a gal who wouldn’t know how to appreciate it for its full potential. (I envy my eyeshadow queen friends…you know who you are)

So when I saw this on the shelf for $12 I nabbed it and I have been using it every day since I bought it. I love the included How-To Glamour Guide and the rich pigment in the shadow. The colors are so wonderful and the shimmer is beautiful! If I can’t find it again at Marshall’s, I will definitely be buying this at Ulta.

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

I was recently informed that a beauty routine is incomplete without using primer. But once again, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a “good primer” like Hangover Rx by TooFaced or POREfessional by benefit. I went through a lot of cheap primers: the two NYX primers I tried were not wonderful (either too chunky or too heavy) and the e.l.f. primer fell short of what I was looking for.

I read some reviews and decided to try Maybelline’s Baby Skin and I like it a lot! For a cheap drug store primer, two dots go a long way. It minimizes my pores and smooths my skin before I put on foundation. I would definitely recommend it as a dupe for some of the more expensive brands.

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset56D3BB63-06EE-488D-9C0A-3552E11EABBA

Bareminerals is probably my favorite beauty brand of all. Their products from lip stain to concealer to eye shadow has always helped me achieve a natural looking glow that lasts.

Pictured above are three of my most used and favorite products. Above, on the top is my Original Foundation, in the middle is my little eyeshadow in Vanilla Sugar, and on the bottom is my concealer.

Tap a little powder into the lid, swirl your brush, and let the magic begin. I get my Baremineral products cheaper at the Williamsburg Outlets! They often have great sales and promotions so stop by next time you go shopping in Williamsburg.

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

Remember when Color Correction Cream was all the rage?

Before you dismiss it, try it out for your skin tone! I use this NYX CC Cream in green to neutralize my naturally pink skin and it really works! I squeeze the cream onto my sponge and dot it around my patches of redness and it calms the area. It really helps my foundation have a more even tone when I apply it.

It’s so light and even that some days, I just put this on my skin with a few waves of my mascara wand and a dap of tinted chapstick and walk out the door.


With my fair skin, I was afraid to try bronzer.

I thought it would make me look like I got a weird, uneven spray tan on my face. But! I have been trading my blush for a lighter golden bronzer on my cheek bones and it gives my face so much warmth. A light dusting does the trick.

I got this great shimmery bronzer from Marshall’s. It was $25 but I got it for $5!

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

Was it a Twitter video of a girl who used an eyelash curler too soon after applying glue, causing her to pull off here eyelashes that caused everyone to be afraid to use this little guy?

I will never know, but lots of my friends have said that they don’t use or are too afraid of using an eyelash curler. I use mine almost daily!

I bought it at the dollar store like 3 years ago and I think it’s indestructible. I’d say never spend more than $10 on eyelash curlers because this works great!

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

A little glow is all you need to start your day off right.

This liquid highlight from NYX is soo awesome. I dab a little into the corner of my eyes, bridge of my nose, on top of my cheek bones and a dot on the bow of my lips. Then BAM! I’m a galactic unicorn.

It’s $6 and has lasted me a while!

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

I only got better at doing my eyebrows this summer.

I bought an eyebrow razor, re-aquanited myself with my tweezers, and said that I would find a way to tame my brows.

This little tool and this NYX eye pencil has changed the game for me. I love the crayon style and this little $1 comb from e.l.f. because it puts everything in its place.

I hope you found something you might try next time you go to Marshall’s or the drug store. Let me know how it works for you! Or any suggestions you have!


Blue Shutters and Purple Hibiscus

With all the heat and humidity that mid July brings, I only want to wear dresses.

This means all my colorful sundresses and Lilly prints start to become a part of my daily look. And now that all my time has been spent in Williamsburg this summer, you can usually find me scoping out new sales and arrivals at the Ocean Palm.

A few weeks ago, I found THIS beauty:


When I saw Beacon Blue Jungle Utopia on the rack, I got so excited. I love the purple Hibiscus flowers on the print and the royal blue background. You can’t go wrong with the white trim around the waist either.

I wore it to my cousin’s wedding and it was perfect. Not only did it keep me cool but people complimented me on the print.

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

I’ll be honest: My heart always sinks when I look at the price tag when it comes to Lilly, but I was happily surprised to find that this dress was on sale for 40% off!

I paired them with my favorite Jack’s and my new magenta lipstick from Rimmel to add just a little pop of color on my lips. You know me, bright lipstick seems to tie everything together.

Processed with VSCO with c8 presetProcessed with VSCO with c8 presetProcessed with VSCO with c8 preset

Be sure to stop by the Ocean Palm and look at their new arrivals but also check out the sale rack in the back! There’s always something new!

Also, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I have been wearing my white sunglasses all summer long. I got them at a vintage thrift store on Haight Street in San Francisco and I LOVE them.


They were only $7 and honestly, I wish I had gotten another pair in a different color. The retro looking frames and the classic white color matches my Lilly and gingham button up shirts so well.

I looked online to see if I could a similar pair for you guys to try and GAP has some that are pretty close for $25 (plus 25% off their website right now!) You can check them out here.

What is your favorite dress to wear during the summer? Do you have a go to print when it’s hot outside?



How To Make Your Own Tassel Earrings

While I was wandering through Haight Street in San Francisco, I found some cute pink tassel earrings in a boutique. I was thrilled because they’re all the rage but also because they’re so fun!

They were $10, but I figured they’d be more expensive elsewhere and my vacation brain said “get them.”

So I did, and loved them! I got nice compliments and they matched my outfits well, but I always wished they were bigger and fuller. That way people could see them even better.

Cue the magic of Micheal’s:

I gasped!

They come in a pack of three with a variety of colors on the rack, so if you know you’re bound to lose one like me, you’ll have a backup.

Plus they’re HUGE!

On the left are my new ones and on the right are the pair I bought in California.

The best part is, right now, they’re on sale for 60% off!

At that price, I decided to embark on a DIY adventure and make them into earrings.


-A pack of earring hooks (I prefer the fish hook style but any will do!) (they’re also around $1.50 for a pack of 30 so yay!)


-Micheal’s tassels

Step One: Attach hook to the loop on top

Step Two:

Loop the loop around the hook twice to secure it then pinch the hook closed.

Then enjoy!

They’re so cute and fun!

I think they look exceptionally fun with denim and can dress up a plain dress or t-shirt easily.

Run and get them while they’re still there!